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With 22 years of sectoral knowledge and experience, we are supplying metal, plastic, integral polyurethane and sponge products to the automotive, office and medical sectors by carefully approaching the special design demands in order to meet all the needs of our customers. -To ensure product and service quality in accordance with customer expectations, -To ensure customer satisfaction by always acting with a customer-oriented mindset,
By offering our customers high quality polyurethane products, we constantly offer innovative solutions to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. To be recognized as a leading company in the sector by making customer satisfaction our focus and to continuously strengthen our reliability and reputation.
To be a leading company in the sector in the field of polyurethane, sponge and mold production. To provide creative and innovative solutions to our customers by following the ever-evolving technology and to be a brand that determines the latest trends in the sector. To leave a better world to future generations by promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.
Being aware of our responsibility to the environment, we constantly encourage environmentally friendly practices to continue our activities by minimizing environmental impacts. We aim to protect natural resources and reduce environmental pollution by taking measures such as waste management, energy and water saving, recycling and the use of environmentally friendly materials. Quality is a core part of our business and we are committed to consistently providing our customers with high quality products. We are constantly updating and improving our quality management systems to meet quality standards and meet customer requirements. By sharing our quality policy with all our employees, we ensure that we adopt our commitment to quality throughout the enterprise.
Sustainability is a core value of our business and our commitment to leaving a better world for future generations. We aim to reduce waste and energy consumption by promoting the use of sustainable materials. At the same time, we attach importance to social responsibility and ethical values in our supply chain. We aim to support projects that provide community benefit by collaborating with local communities. This mission, vision, environmental and quality policies and our commitment to sustainability form the basis of our business and require the participation of our employees at all levels. While offering value and quality to our customers, we also maintain our commitment to the environment and the welfare of society.





Defense industry


The comfortable and durable sponges that we produce with polyurethane raw materials are manufactured with high-pressure injection systems and have a long life, and contain elements that can respond to the physical and mechanical data required at world standards and also have fireproof properties.
The hardness and flexibility of the sponges we produce can be adjusted in line with customer demands. According to the demand, the inner parts of the sponges are also produced in our company. Skeletonized with metal construction, plastic or wooden materials, sponges maintain their form for many years and increase their strength.

It is produced quickly and with high quality according to different density, reaction profile and mold opening times.


The products produced by compression by casting method in molds specially designed according to customer demands are produced by us.


Manufacturing of molds for parts in Automotive, Office, Defense Industry, Construction machinery


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